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Mandate of the Department

» Before independence there were only two branches in the Finance Department - Finance and Budget Branch.
» With the growth of the economy, adoption of planning as instrument of development, efforts to raise the state Government's revenues, the multiplication of Departments and their activities, the size of Finance Department has also kept expanding over the years.

The Department at present consists of the following branches -

» Finance (establishment- A ) Branch
» Finance (establishment- B) Branch
» Finance (expenditure control -i)
» Finance (expenditure control-ii)
» Finance (expenditure control -iii)
» Finance (budget) Branch
» Finance (Economic Affairs) Branch
» Finance (Audit ) Branch
» Finance (Taxation) Branch
» Finance (Pay research unit) Branch
» Finance (Staff inspection unit) Branch
» Finance (Institutional Finance) Branch.

The works and responsibilities entrusted to these branches are as follows -

1. Finance (Est. A) branch

» Matters arising in fixation of pay, special pay etc.
» Deputation for training within or outside India.
» Deputation for foreign Service and foreign scholarships.
» Scrutiny of financial aspects of the service rules of all state services
» Interpretation of Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules, Assam Financial Rules
» Dual charge
» Regularization of the period of suspension
» Leave Rules, grant of study leave
» Any other matter relevant to the financial rules and orders

Acts and Rules administered

The following rules are administered by Finance (Esstt.-A ) branch :

» Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Orders
» Assam Financial Rules
» The Leave Rules including Study Leave Rules

2. Finance (Esstt. B) branch :

» Administration of CTMIS (Comprehensive Treasury Management Information Service)
» Matters relating to the Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries
» Matters relating to the Directorate of Audit (LF)
» Matters relating to the Directorate of Financial Inspections
» Matter relating to the Directorate of Small Savings
» Matters relating to the Directorate of State Lotteries
» Matters relating to the appointment, promotions, transfer and posting and other establishment matters relating to Assam Finance service, Assam Accounts service, Assam Audit service.
» Re-employment of pensioners and fixation of pay etc thereof
» Grant of honorarium, fees, remuneration etc. to the Chairman, Members of the various Committees, Boards, Commissions etc constituted by the Administrative Department.
» Matters relating to the establishment of Assam Finance (Economic) Service, Assam Pay Research Service, and general establishment matters of Finance Department
» Matters relating to treasury establishment
» Matters relating to delegation of Financial powers, DDO declarations

Acts and rules administered

Following Acts and Rules are administered by the Branch :

» Delegation of Financial Powers Rules
» The Assam Finance & Accounts Service Rules
» The Assam Accounts Service Rules
» The Assam Audit Service Rules
» The F. I.D.S. & I.S. Rules, 1982
» The Assam Finance (Economic) Service Rules
» The Assam Finance (Pay Research ) Service Rules.

Following Directorates are under the Administrative control of Finance Estt-B Branch

1. Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries: The Directorate is responsible for efficient and proper administration of the treasuries in Assam. It has to ensure that monthly accounts from the treasuries and other accounting circle are sent to the A.G on time

2. The CTI (Central Training Institute) is under the administrative control of the Director. In this institute, the Assam Finance Service Officers, Accounts Service Officers and other Government officials responsible for finance and accounts administration are imparted training.

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