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Directorate for Welfare of Tea and Ex-Tea Garden Tribes

1 (a) Introduction:

Govt. of Assam created this Directorate in 1983 under the administrative control of WPT & BC Department Nominal fund under plan was provided for this directorate in the budget of WPT & BC till 2004-05. In the year 2005, a Separate department viz TEA TRIBES WELFARE DEPARTMENT was created and separate budget provision was also made under Tea Tribes Welfare Deptt. in financial year 2005-06. The main function and responsibility of this Directorate is to socio-economic development of Tea Tribes people by implementing different welfare schemes.

(b) Deptt. Administered by the State Govt. Acts & Rules.

(c) Administrative Set up :


2. (a) This Directorate is under the Administrative Control of Tea Tribes Welfare Deptt.


Govt. of Assam has recognized the Tea Tribes communities as Other Backward Class (O.B.C.) for the socio-economic development of this community. Govt. has established the Directorate for Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, Assam in the year 1983. The following socio-economic development schemes are implemented through this Directorate, viz;

a) Family Oriented Income Generating Scheme (FOIGS)
b) Pre-Matric Scholarship.
c) Grants to Non-Govt. Educational Institutions.
d) Post Matric Scholarship.
e) Grant for Cultural Activities including educational Tour.
f) Grants to Non-Official Organisations doing welfare works among tea tribes communities.
g) Grant-in-aid to patients suffering from Cancer, T.B. and Other malignant diseases.
h) Grant for purchase of Text Book and Uniform.
i) Grants for Construction of Girls' Hostel for OBC (TGT) students.
j) Grants for Construction of Boys' Hostel for T.G.T. students.
k) Construction of Rest House-cum-Cultural Centre.
I) Installation of Electrical Meter at the residence of tea workers.

a) F.O.I.G.S. Scheme: Under Family oriented Income Generating scheme the strategy is to provide assistance in the form of subsidy to the poor families belonging to Tea and Ex-Tea Garden Tribes for taking up various income generating schemes.
The scheme covers agricultural sector, including Horticulture, Fishery and Veterinary and animal husbandry schemes like rearing of milch cow, poultry, duckery, piggery, goatery etc. and small enterprises such as Pan shop, grocery shop, Vegetable shop, Vendor, cloth shop, fish trade etc. including tailoring, embroidery, push cart, rickshaw etc.

b) Pre-Matric Scholarship: The objective of the scheme is to provide economic assistance to the poor tea tribes students pursuing pre-matric course and to encourage them for continuance for education 50% fund is borne by Central Govt.

c) Grant to Non-Govt. Educational Institutions : The objective of the scheme is to create educational environment among the tea tribes students who are pursuing studies in Non-Govt. educational institutions by providing financial assistance to the Non-Govt. educational institutions for purchasing of teaching instruments, books, furniture and for major repair and extension of school building etc. The grant will be available to the institutions predominantly attended by tea tribes students in the institutions where enrolment of students belonging to Tea and Ex-Tea Garden Tribes is 50% and above.

d) Post Matric Scholarship: The objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the students belonging to Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes to enable them to pursue post matriculation level studies. This is a Central sector scheme.

e) Grant for cultural activities including educational tour : under this scheme financial assistance is provided to the cultural organizations of tea tribes community for development and preservation on of their cultural heritage, which includes purchase of musical instrument, holding of cultural function and exchange of cultural troops.

f) Grant to Non-official Organisations : The objective of the scheme is to assist the non-official organizations such Regd. as mahila samittee, Associations, Club, Libraries of tea tribes community which are rendering voluntary service for all round development of this community.

g) Grant to patients suffering from Cancer, T.B. & Other Malignant diseases:
Under the Head "Health" economic assistance is provided to the poor tea tribes people suffering from various malignant diseases like tuberculosis, cancer etc. for treatment of their disease within the budget limit.

h) Grant for purchase of Text Books and Uniform: Under this scheme financial assistance is provided to the poor tea tribes students for purchase of Text books and school uniforms.

i) Grants for construction of Hostel for Boys'/Girls' (New Scheme): Under the programe proposed may be prepared for the construction of hostels for boys' and girls' suitable place where students belonging to Tea Garden Tribes may reside to pursue their studies. 50% is funded by Central Govt.

j) Construction of Rest House-cum-Cultural Centre at Rupnagar, Guwahati:
A major project namely construction of Rest House-Cum Cultural centre at Rupnagar, Guwahati has been under progress and 70% work has so far been completed. Total project cost is Rs. 300.68 lakh.

k) Installation of Electrical Meter : Govt. of Assam introduced a new scheme namely installation of Electrical Meter at the residence of Tea Workers. The community will be benefited by this scheme.

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